Decorative Aggregates - Aggregates Calculator - Landscaping & Fencing

Aggregates Calculator - Usage Instructions

Useful Recommended Depths

  • Slate - 25mm

  • Gravel, Chippings, and most Pebbles - 50mm

  • Cobbles - 100mm

  • Borders, Footpaths, Decorative Garden Areas - 50mm

  • Driveways - 75mm

Calculator Usage Instructions

  • Click the Metric button

  • Click your area, either Rectangular or Circular

  • Mouse over the Width, Length, and Depth boxes to access, and then use the number incrementer, and enter the area dimensions

  • Depth entries are in cms, input 3cms (for 25mm), 5cms (for 50mm), 8cms (for 75mm), and 10cms (for 100mm)

  • Go to the Density box, mouse over, use the number incrementer and enter the value 1805.02, replacing the default of 1680.02

  • Click the Calculate box

  • Scroll down to Calculation Results

  • Take the value in kg and manually divide by 850 - this is the weight capacity of 1 bulk bag

  • The resulting value represents the approximate number of bulk bags required